Brinno Peephole Camera Home SHC500

Sally Jenkins

Sally Jenkins

Here to share my rental tips and tricks I've picked up over the years.

Brinno peephole SHC500 is the best door camera for a rental apartment with a gold plate. If your door is 28mm-58m wide, this is an appropriate product for you to monitor home security. The appearance of this door camera is absolutely beautiful and gives a tech-friendly look to your apartment. When someone is at the door, you can capture a picture of them through LCD to save and to think whether you should answer or not?

If you are already using a peephole, it can install into the existing one, and there is no need for additional tools to change it. Installation takes a few seconds, and there is no need to call a professional until you have no idea how to do it. The battery is reliable enough to last for a long time and won’t ask for replacement after a few months when used continuously. It runs on 4AA batteries that are highly reliable and can handle 3000 button pushes.

The best thing about this doorbell is its wireless, theft-proof, and has concealed in design. It also supports a micro SD card of up to 32GB. It’s an affordable product to choose for a home when you don’t want to compromise on safety when traveling.

What we like

  • Allow taking pictures of visitors
  • Easy to install
  • Gold peeping hole
  • Allow manual operation

The not so good

  • It doesn’t have 1080HD video