NEXPOW Portable Power Station, 296Wh 80000mAh Solar Generator

Sally Jenkins

Sally Jenkins

Here to share my rental tips and tricks I've picked up over the years.

Nexpow portable power station is capable of meeting different electrical requirements without playing with the wattage of sensitive appliances. It’s not only a conventional generator, but it also has quick charging USB ports such as mobile phone, laptop, camera, drone, and other appliances. You can also charge iPhone and MacBook without an adapter because of the protective screen at the front. The battery capacity is about 80000mAh for high-capacity and maximum performance.
From travel to camping, it can meet all your power requirements in an instance. It weighs only 7.5lbs and is easy to carry anywhere in the car. The unique design is easy to operate, and LCD will show the remaining charge/ DC output status and other settings. It also works as an emergency flashlight as the power station is loaded with LEDs. It features four LED modes, so you can set any light you want to. The lithium battery pack is durable and chargeable with a 15-24 volt solar panel.
Pure sine wave technology saves you from every dangerous situation, from short-circuit protection to over-temperature protection. The design of a generator is modern and multi-functional to deliver maximum performance. It supplies perfect power to an apartment, and you don’t have to install additional devices for a constant supply. It’s a versatile indoor generator and provides 3-charging methods include a car charger, solar panel, and wall plug.

What we like

  • 4-LED lighting mode
  • Portable to handle
  • Built-in voltage regulator
  • High battery capacity

The not so good

  • It may produce sound sometimes