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Whether it's renting an apartment, house or even a car, Crafty Renter is here to provide smart rental tips and advice.


If you have ever rented before whether it be an apartment, car or even appliances you know the pains of dealing with landlords, faults or other issues. Renting an apartment can be a fun time in your life but also offer a world of struggles when it comes to brokers, insurance, removalists and making your rental feel more like a home!

Crafty Renters strives to provide renters worldwide with helpful tips and advice to make renting a painfree experience for young and old. If you have any wonderful rental tips that you would like to share then we would love to hear from you! Submit your tips here

"Thanks Crafty Renters for the great tips and advice! I have pimped out my rental apartment to make it more of a home without risking my bond!"
Renee Callin
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“By reading the advice on Crafty Renters I've been able to save on both my renters insurance and broker deals when renting a new apartment"
Angela Bailey
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