Top 10 legal responsibilities for Landlords and Tenants in Ohio

A landlord-tenancy agreement can always be tricky, and running a rental property business in Ohio comes with many duties and responsibilities. Right from who to choose as your tenant to security deposits to abiding by the laws, there are many hurdles to cross, but if you follow the rules and regulations to the core, you’ll […]

Rental Home Eviction Process in Ohio

Are you a landlord or tenant staying in and around Ohio? Read this tutorial to know more about your rights as a tenant or landlord. Are you living in rented accommodation in Ohio? Are you aware of the rental laws in the locality? On what grounds can a tenant be evicted from the rental property? […]

Renewing a Rental Agreement in Ohio

Ohio rental market is quite balanced, with an average vacancy rate of 7%. When the end of a rental lease in Ohio, is quite near, there is a decision to make. The decision can be taken by both the landlord, as well as, the tenant. The choice is between renewing the lease and leaving the […]

2022 Ohio Residential Rent And Rental Statistics

There are three factors to consider when you plan on buying rental properties for investment. The first is the median household income of the people in the city; the second is the price of a house in the city, and the third is expected rent per month. The moment you locate a market that checks […]

Ohio Laws on Repairs to Rental Homes

Ohio Tenant and Landlord laws are made clear in Ohio Revised Codes. This is the perfect and statutory guide for both the tenants and the landlords in a residential rental establishment. Ohio real estate follows a 2% rule. This rule is very interesting as it suggests that a rental property is a very good investment […]

A General Overview Of Ohio Rent Increase Laws

If you are moving to a new city or looking at places to rent, there is a high chance you might have heard about the real estate buzzword- rent control. Rent control is a set of laws put in place to control the price on the rent that can be charged for residential housing. These laws […]

Signing a Rental Lease: What You Need to Know

You found your dream apartment. Before you sign the rental lease, you need to be sure of what you’re committing yourself to. It might be tempting to sign the rental lease of your new apartment quickly. However, it’s advisable not to ignore any of the potential issues that may arise later. You may think that […]

Setting Up A Home Security System In A Rental Home 

Are you worried about the security in your rented home (1)? Are you wondering how to protect your loved ones and your possessions in the best way? What are the options as a tenant? Yes, the possibilities are limited. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that it is possible to set up a home […]

Preparing for an Apartment Credit Check

Is it essential to check your credit history before hunting for a new rental apartment? Well, most landlords go through the renters’ credit. It can make a huge difference as you search for your next apartment. A credit check involves various aspects. It ranges from finding if the renter meets the landlords’ criteria to go […]