What do you do when the power goes out in your apartment?

Light a candle?? pfft that’s oldschool!!

These days portable generators and power stations are the go-to source of emergency power. These units are pretty darn cool and will keep you connected until the power is restored.

Choosing a power station is pretty straight forward, it prety much comes down to 3 things;

  1. Amount of power stored
  2. Types and number of connections/inputs
  3. Price

There are a number of other factors to consider which we will mention a bit later on.

So based on those 3 main criteria we have narrowed the products down to our top 5 indoor generators that are perfect for apartments.

Here are 5 of our top picks.

Top Indoor Generator for Apartments in 2022

What to look for when buying an indoor generator

Buying the best indoor generator for an apartment must be a thoughtful process especially when investing a handsome amount. While looking out for equipment that offers longevity and maximum performance, you should consider some buying factors. By going through this comprehensive buying guide, you can end up with a compatible product.


When making a buying decision regarding a generator, a battery should be durable to deliver maximum performance. The battery capacity will provide you with a better idea of its performance and how many devices it can handle at a time.

Some generators allow adding an extra battery to increase the overall power. Before buying equipment, visualize your home and then choose the size accordingly. Without a reliable and durable battery, there is no benefit of using a generator as it will not support any appliance for a long time. The charging speed should be efficient as well for easy use.


Another issue people often go through while buying a generator for an apartment is portability. A generator should be portable enough to carry when evacuating or need it for outdoor plans. Modern-day generators are portable and easy to carry anywhere. Along with portability, ensure it has enough features and power to meet all your requirements without getting you into operational complications. If you choose the portable generator, it will be easy for you to set it up without anyone’s assistance.


Everyone looks out for the devices that are safe to keep at home and protect the family from mishaps. The same goes for the generator and, one should never compromise on safety when installing any equipment in the apartment. It should provide excellent protection against over-heating, voltage, and any damage due to environmental factors.

The battery management system should be reliable enough to last for years and enhance its timings. The built-in protection is essential and, you can ensure specifications before buying to keep your surroundings safe.

Technological Features

How would you feel when you have invested a good amount in equipment, but in the end, it’s not worth it? If it doesn’t have modern-day features and functions, there is no use for it. We advise choosing the generator that must provide all the features you require to make life easy. It should support Smart appliances at home and convert itself into an inverter to recharge other gadgets that are sensitive to voltage.A generator equipped with modern-day features may make things easy for you compared to the conventional one.

Robust Construction

When buying anything from the market, our best intention is to use it for years and get the best return on investment. The indoor generator must have robust construction to survive in the worse weather or while working continuously for several hours. Sometimes people choose cheap products that may save you some money, but after some months, it stops working. To protect yourself from this inconvenience, you should buy the one made of reliable material and offer a warranty in case of any damage. It’s worth investing in the reliable generator that lasts for decades to come at your apartment.

Quiet Operation

If you are already aware of the generator, then you must know how irritating is the sound of this equipment, especially the traditional ones. When planning to buy the best indoor generator for an apartment, the best thing you can experience is the quiet operation. Whether the generator is working for several hours or on a charge, it won’t make an irritating noise to disturb the surroundings. You can count on the indoor portable generator to deal with power issues and peaceful working.

Our overall thoughts on Apartment Generators

To deal with power outrage, one should have reliable emergency equipment to count on. After going through our valuable researched products and buying guide, you can pick out the best one. Choose the equipment that is fully functional and user-friendly to simplify life. Plan which model you want to choose to deal with power issues and invest in it to make more years simple. Before installing a generator at your home, take some guidance from the professional workers and keep it 15ft away from the room. Check all the settings before starting it to prioritize safety.

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