Door cameras are all the rage right now and rightly so! They allow you to monitor people at your door remotely and increase your level of home security. If you are renting an apartment, you might be worried about whether you can install a camera or not – firstly, you are best talking to your landlord, but if you wish to install one, then there are plenty of options where you there is minimal work required to the apartment.

Most of the cameras run off rechargeable batteries and don’t require any fixed power and can easily be attached to the door or door trim. So setting up a security system in your apartment can be quite easy. The cameras actually provide more security which is a benefit to the landlord!

So when it comes to choosing the best door camera for your apartment how do you decide?

Well we have made a shortlist of the 5 top door cameras for people renting an apartment.

Our Top 5 Apartment Door Cameras List 2024

Comparison of the 5 Best Door Cameras for Renters

Product Pros Price
Ring Video Doorbell – newest generation, 2020 release
  • Real-time instant notifications
  • 1080HD video
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Deliver crisp security
Ring Peephole Cam with Ring Chime (1st Gen)
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Real-time mobile notifications
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Knock detection sensor
Blink Video Doorbell
  • 2-way audio recording
  • LED ring for active status
  • 1080p HD video
  • Customized alerts
Brinno Peephole Camera Home SHC500
  • Allow taking pictures of visitors
  • Easy to install
  • Gold peeping hole
  • Allow manual operation
eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, 2K Resolution
  • Customized detection zones
  • 2K crystal clear resolution
  • AI technology for detection
  • Two-way audio

Best Apartment Peephole & Door Camera Reviews 2024

What to look for when buying an Apartment Door Camera in 2024

Are you still thinking about installing a door camera and not sure about it? Well, a doorbell with a camera is essential to fix in your apartment, especially when you are out most of the time and don’t want to risk your family’s safety. This buying guide is essential for you when planning to buy one but consider a few factors to end up with the appropriate product.

Camera Resolution

Cameras are all about resolutions, and that’s why we always look for HD quality for crystal-clear results. When it comes to the best door camera for an apartment, how can we neglect this crucial feature?

To view someone, and have a perfect result on the screen, choose the camera with HD resolution. This is a one-time investment but can make your coming years secure. From the light reflection to sharp images, it all depends on the quality of the camera you are about to use.

camera resolution
Credit: reolink

Motion Detection

The aim of installing a security camera is to detect a presence when someone is around your area and keep moving. The door camera with motion detection can help you analyze when someone is constantly moving around your place. You can customize the detection zones in some models, and as soon as someone moves, you will get an instant alert on the phone. It would be great if you choose the one with advanced features that help you customize a few areas. The night vision of the doorbell should be crisp as well, so you can keep an eye on the late hours, too.

2-Way Communication

How will you answer someone when the doorbell is not offering 2-way communication? These doorbells with cameras have come up with 2-way audio, and you can connect the device from anywhere in the world. As soon as someone is at your door, you can answer them immediately to talk. For an instance, if you have a delivery man on the door, you can tell him to leave a parcel, and later you can pick. Some are also offering recordings so you can create data.

Door Camera Installation

When buying something for the first time, installation can be a headache. People are more likely to purchase products that require less installation work. If you don’t want to get into another problem by calling someone to install it, choose the one with user-friendly installation. It should be compatible with the existing system and take a few minutes to set up. Pick the one with wireless features, and you don’t have to create new connections for it.

Alexa Compatible

Amazon Alexa is everywhere, whether we are installing a new TV or a home theatre; it is too easy to work through it. In the same way, you don’t have to answer the door when Alexa is here and can deal with it. Check this feature while making a buying decision; it should be compatible with Alexa to save data. By subscribing to the packages, you can create data on the cloud for up to 30-60 days for sharing.


People often keep this feature in their least focused factors because these are a one-time investment and, they often think it’s going to work for decades. What, if due to some technical issues, the doorbell is not working anymore? Despite calling the worker from the company, would you hire someone from outside who doesn’t know anything about its technical specifications? Before buying, go through the company’s warranty policy so, in case of any issue, you can replace or return it without losing money.

Battery Life

Maintaining the batteries of any product constantly in use is a daunting task. When installing the best door camera for an apartment, ensure battery power, and they must last for 6-months. Due to the weak batteries, the performance of a product can get affected, and you will not get the desired results. Learn about the battery type and then decide to invest.

Apartment Cameras: Final Thoughts

The best door camera for an apartment will not only keep you protected from intruders but let you know when someone is here and, it’s time to prepare. The high-quality video and security features make life simple, and by looking at the screen, you can decide whether to meet or not? This technological doorbell is compatible with Alexa, and you can communicate with anyone on the other side of the door.

Apartment Door Camera FAQs

The decision to allow a door camera on your apartment door will be determined by your landlord. You should seek permission from your landlord before you perform any modifications to your rental apartment, including installing a door camera. Many landlords will allow it, as it is providing additional security, however some may not like drilling or making modifications to the door itself.

If a thief has the right tools and knows where the security screws are on the camera then yes, a doorbell camera can be stolen. Different models are constantly improving their security in an effort to stay ahead of the game.

The large majority of doorbell and peephole cameras do not record all the time. They start recording when triggered, usually by motion. This way, the battery life of the camera is extended and you are only being sent alerts when there is footage of interest, ie someone at the door.

When the light levels are low, doorbell cameras switch to night mode, which is an infrared technology allowing for recording at night or very low light levels. The quality of night vision on doorbell cameras is quite impressive and getting better with every new release of their software.