Crafty Renters is all about helping people who are renting things!

Crafty Renters is dedicated to providing quality information and advice for anyone currently or looking to rent. This could be anything from a home/apartment to a kitchen fridge.

Renting can be a stressful time, there are so many things to think about and be wary of. If you aren’t smart about renting, you can easily be ripped off or end up in financial difficulty or even face legal action. Whilst these might sound scary, don’t fear. We aim to provide helpful tips and advice to making renting safe and a hassle free experience.

Checkout our guides and list of advice from how to decorate a rental apartment to getting the best deal on your next car rental.

Crafty Renters has been setup to unite the billions of people worldwide that currently rent. There are many reasons why people rent, and there are many ways to make it both fun and safe.