Are you worried about the security in your rented home (1)? Are you wondering how to protect your loved ones and your possessions in the best way? What are the options as a tenant? Yes, the possibilities are limited. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that it is possible to set up a home security system in a rental home.

We are sharing some tips and suggestions which will help you understand this issue. There are some things that you should consider before moving in and some after moving in.

Security Checks Before You Move In

Research the Location

Location is crucial in choosing a home or apartment. Before you select a place, you must research the area thoroughly (2). Check the crime rate, nearby shops, and try to talk to the residents. With the internet now, it is easy to check online sites and get a good idea about the location.

Electricity in the Area

It is more of a problem with apartment buildings and complexes. They sometimes have dark hallways, corners, or nooks, which make them ideal for sneaky attacks. Always check the parking areas, hallways, stairwells, and other public areas for lighting and safety features. Look for sensors for lights that are getting common nowadays.

General Upkeep

When you visit the apartment or public areas before shifting in, look carefully. Small things like peeling paint, burnt-out bulbs in hallways may seem like minor problems but can be telltale signs of a careless landlord. Poor maintenance can be a problem. Broken windows or door latches not working correctly can be a security hazard.

Emergency Exits

It is essential if you are considering living in a high rise building. Look for fire escape plans and working smoke detectors. Also, make sure that they follow all protocols and have all the equipment in the right place.

Security Checks After You Move In

Door Locks

It is the simplest way to secure yourself. Make sure that the landlord changes the regular locks on your door. You may not be aware of the many duplicate keys floating around. Install a deadbolt as well. Depending on security concerns, you can add a chain lock and other reinforcements to the door and make your home secure.

Door Security Bar

These bars are a great solution. They are easy to install and use. They are very good at sliding doors on your balcony or patio. Many of them are portable as well, and you can take them on your travels for more security.


If you have a lot of jewelry and valuables, then investing in a safe (3) is a great idea. Even if someone manages to get into your apartment, it does not mean that they should be able to take all your stuff easily. A safe is also excellent protection from not so friendly roommates and not very trustworthy guests. You may have to seek permission from your landlord for bolting the safe to the floor or wall for maximum protection.

Renters Insurance

Renters’ insurance is excellent for your protection. It will cover all your furnishings, property, electronics, etc. depending on the terms of insurance you select, you may have to pay a monthly premium, which is generally quite low. Unexpected losses like burglary or damage due to disaster can be covered under this insurance.

Security System

Investing in a sound security system is a great help, especially if you are living in a high crime area. If drilling holes is a no-no, then there are other options. Look for wireless security systems that can be fixed to the wall, doors, windows, etc., just with adhesives. They can be connected to your smart-phones for easy access and monitoring. Having a security system means that your renters’ insurance premium could be lower but with the same coverage. Security systems often only work when electricity is connect, so if the power goes out they are useless. This is where a portable backup indoor power generator can come in handy.


With modern technology, modern door cameras are surprisingly affordable and highly efficient. They don’t have to be a part of the security system and can be used as a standalone security device. There are many smart video door cameras perfect for apartments, which are suitable for children or older adults alone at home. There are night-vision cameras, motion sensor cameras, and two-way talk cameras available. These types of cameras do require being connected to a good wifi router in your apartment in order to transmit the recorded vision.


Many people think of guns when they think of security. There are a lot of unfortunate accidents that happen because of unattended guns at home. You should carefully assess the risk before getting a gun. You should have a proper license and enough practice under your belt before you get one. Always store guns in a safe or under lock and key!

When you move to a new place or a new home, it is exciting! However, security and peace of mind can add to the whole fascinating process. Just by doing some small things, you can make a big difference in your personal and home security environment!


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