How to Negotiate Rent with a Potential Landlord?

Are you looking for that wiggle room to negotiate the rent with your potential landlord? We are here to give you some tips on how to can ace at this task? Are you on the hunt for that ideal rented accommodation? Looking for a home that meets all your rental needs with the right living […]

How to file a Renters Claim?

Do you want to file for claims against your renter’s insurance? This article will help you on how you can claim for damages and liability in the event of a covered peril happening. When we talk about filing claims against your renter’s insurance, it depends on the type of policy you have availed. Under the renter’s insurance, […]

How Much Renters Insurance Should A Landlord Require?

Planning to move into a new apartment and your friends are asking you to get renters insurance. Or you might be moving to a new house, and your landlord wants you to get a policy with sufficient coverage. Do you think renters insurance is necessary? If so, how much renters insurance can your landlord ask […]

How Much Renters Insurance Does One Need, and It is Worth It?

Are you considering taking out renters insurance? Are you wondering if it is going to be a wasteful expense in addition to the monthly rent you pay? Read this article to know why your tenant insurance is worth every penny. If you go by statistics in the insurance industry, renters insurance takes a backseat when […]

How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost Per Month 

What is Renters Insurance? Are you a tenant? The house is insured, but what about your belongings? Does it bother you? Renters insurance is the answer to this! This is insurance, which protects the renter. It will cover the personal belongings of the tenant. Some types of insurance can also give coverage for injuries or […]

How Does Renters Insurance Work and What Does it Cover?

Want to protect yourself from potential losses during your tenancy period? Learn more about the different types of coverage renters insurance offers. Renters insurance is a novel concept that not many are aware of and is in the nascent stage in its development. Wondering what this coverage is all about? How can it protect you […]

What To Do With Mail Sent To the Previous Tenant?

what to do with mail sent to previous tenant

When a tenant moves out, various formalities take place. Some of them are fulfilled by the tenant and some by the landlord. One common problem that numerous renters face and some landlords too is that there are mails for the previous tenant still delivered to the address. When the mail reaches the mailbox even after […]

What Is An Apartment Broker Fee And Who Pays It?

what is a rental broker fee and who pays it

Finding an apartment for rent can seem simple at first. However, if you have specific preferences like location, apartment size, amenities, and other things can get a tad bit difficult. This is when the services of a real estate broker can come like a boon. In the popular metro cities of the US, especially in […]

Top Temporary Floor Covering Ideas For Renters

top flooring ideas for a rental apartment

Renting a house can feel so much more convenient than buying one on several occasions. However, there is one thing about rental homes that many residents find to be a big disappointment, and that is the very little freedom they get when it comes to personalizing the space. The house might look like it is […]

Top Questions To Ask When Renting An Apartment

questions to ask when renting an apartment

Finding an apartment in a location that you prefer is one thing. When you find an apartment that impresses you and everyone in your family, the rent might not always be what you had pictured. After crossing all these obstacles when you do narrow down on one apartment, the excitement is real. However, do not […]