Renting a house can feel so much more convenient than buying one on several occasions. However, there is one thing about rental homes that many residents find to be a big disappointment, and that is the very little freedom they get when it comes to personalizing the space. The house might look like it is in good condition. It might have been freshly painted and deep cleaned to prep for your arrival. However, nothing beats, adding a personal touch.

Not all landlords allow making significant changes to the apartment. Among the many things that you might feel stuck with, the flooring is one. Of course, you can always invest in some lively carpets and rugs to add life to the dullest floors. However, it would be best if you remembered that this is not your only choice. While many renters find creative ways to amp up the looks of their wall or change lighting and other temporary elements, flooring is something that most people often forget about.

If you walk into a well-decorated room with all the posh interiors and furniture and still feel like something is missing or find the room gloomy, it might be the floor that is to blame! Are you a renter? Are you ready to revamp the looks of your rental apartment’s floor without getting into a dispute with your landlord? Then here are a few ideas to spark your creativity-

Rugs – the no-fail idea for every home

Area rugs, runners, the options are plenty when you are picking floor coverings. Pick quality rugs, and you can beat the blues of your old rental floors. Depending on the default floor color, material, and condition, you can play with colors, textures, and fabric of the rug. Do not hesitate to experiment with shapes – rectangular rugs are not the only options out there! Chevrons, florals, eclectic colors, and so much more are easy to find. Go bold with the color and pick a statement rug. People would be so engrossed on your carpet that they would not even notice how bad the floors are. The best part is that when you vacate your home, you can always carry your mat and use it in your new home. This is, therefore, an investment that doesn’t just fade away in a few days.

Have you considered floor cloths?

Giving a solution similar to that offered by rugs, vinyl floor cloths are other affordable ways to alter the looks of your floor. They are becoming so popular that finding your favorite designs in them might be easier than you think. Some of them flaunt a nice vintage look, and these are seriously gorgeous choices that can make your rental home look like a picture from an interior design magazine. With the durability and flexibility comes the ease of maintenance as well.

Stick on tiles

Vinyl peel and stick tiles have been around for so long that almost every homeowner has tried them at some point. It also happens to be a renter-friendly innovation. It looks as real as authentic vinyl tile flooring; however, the difference is that you peel and stick them on the existing floor and remove them when you would like to switch the theme. When you work with excellent quality peel and stick tiles, you also have the assurance that these do not damage the existing flooring. This might not be an option if your rental home has carpeted flooring, however. One major perk is that these stick on tiles are reasonably priced, and there are endless choices in designs. Chic, timeless styles like Moroccan details to all the latest trends in flooring from around the world are easy to find in this collection. You can mix and match different designs to make a statement. As they come as individual tiles, it is easy to find the right number to fill the room you wish to renovate.

Interlocking tiles

If you are skeptical about stick-on options leaving a sticky residue on the existing floor, then there is always the interlocking tile setup to consider. Some interlocking tiles feature intricate wood grain designs. Using them can instantly transform your floors, and you can always add more or remove tiles depending on the size of the room. One thing to remember is that not all of these interlocking tiles re-waterproof. Also, there are gaps as they are affixed to each other like jigsaw puzzles. This means that spills and moisture can always seep below and reach the floor underneath. In case you plan to use them above carpeted flooring, keeps this aspect in mind and choose these in rooms where there are fewer chances of spills and messes.

On the whole, these are easy to maintain. You can wipe away any mess. If any of the tiles get damaged, you can remove that and replace it with a similar one to match the rest of the floor. Therefore in terms of maintenance costs, this one is pretty good.

Carpet tiles

There are carpet tiles that can easily mimic the looks of an expensive carpeted flooring. You can find plenty of colors and textures in this collection. These can also be useful for renters without budget restrictions. Like most vinyl or faux wood tiles, these come as interlocking pieces or peel and stick designs. Installation and removal are both straightforward.

All the options above are easy to execute, and given their predominance in the market, finding variety should be easier than you can imagine. You can also find some of them conveniently in online stores. Measure the size of the floor in the room and pick the right number of tiles or the right rug or carpet to have a pleasant looking floor lining the room. Always consider the various aspects like the amount of foot traffic in the room, chances of moisture, and the people who use the house. If you have pets who love to scratch the floors, you might need something rugged. For homes with kids, an easy to clean flooring option would help maintain the hygiene for crawling babies. Whatever be the budget you have in mind and whatever be your take on home interior design trends, you can find limitless options in temporary floor makeovers.



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